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  • Chances are you or someone you know in Northern Illinois, Cook or Lake County is under water on their mortgage, struggling with their mortgage payments, or facing the possibility of foreclosure. If this is your situation, please understand that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.
  • While the economy in some areas is improving, anyone can suddenly find themselves in difficulty with their mortgage, even if you have done everything right!   Your age, number of years on the job or the size of your mortgage, doesn't matter.   Here in the Northern and Northwest Suburbs of Chicago many of us have been affected  in some way or another possibly even by the high increase in property taxes. 
  • Today, nearly 1 every 1055 homeowners in Illinois goes into foreclosure.  In most instances a short sale would be a much better option.  These are tough and frustrating times. Now more than ever, it's important to identify your options. Foreclosure can be avoided, your credit can be saved, and your financial future can be salvaged.  Our team is here to help!

Through extensive experience handling distressed properties in the Greater Chicagoland area, we've found that most people have more questions today than answers about their circumstances. In our own research, we saw so much confusing and misinformation that we became frustrated ourselves! 

This site has been created for you to give you simple and accurate information to help you understand some of your options and the possible solutions to foreclosure.  We are also providing a detailed explanation of short sales, which may be the best course of action for some homeowners.

A FREE Report is available for you to download, which explains your options and will help you decide on a course of action. Struggling with a too high payment or being behind on your mortgage payment and the thought of losing your home can be overwhelming.  Ignoring your mortgage will not make the issue go away and the fact that you are taking the first step in researching  our site shows  . . . you have some questions. 

Now more than ever, it is vital for you to have all the facts necessary to make an informed decision.  Exploring your options sooner rather than later will help you avoid common pitfalls and will minimize the effect on your credit and finanical future.

As an agent with an Advanced CDPE® Certified Distressed Property Expert and  also a (SFR) Certified Short Sale and Foreclosure Resource,  I have a strong and unique appreciation of the factors affecting the market, and how these factors affect your situation specifically.  You need to know that there are options available to you.

If you would like to know more about your options, please call 847 818 6036.   My team is  here to hopefully help you relieve some stress through a casual chat over the phone or over a cup of coffee!

We're here to help … any way we can.


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